Describe a person who has a great influence on you

Describe a person who has a great influence on you

Describe a person who has a great influence on you

It's a difficult question, cuz if you think about it, you would come to realise that

there are always a handful of people who have great influence over one in

one's life time, and it's hard to choose the most influential of all.

But one person that stands out in my life, if I were persuaded to choose one,

is probably my physics teacher back in high school.

He had been my physics teachers since year 11. In the first day of the class,

instead of introducing the world of physics

to us, like what other teachers would usually do,

he just simply joked around for the whole lecture. Jokes about Einstein, bits about quantum physics,

history of physics, etc.

And as days flew by, the whole class started to like him.

He've never taught us physics, he made us experience it.

The usual 50 mins unbearable lecture was usually made more enjoyable by his jokes, stories.

He didn't just talk about physics, he also lectured us how physics has changed the world,

how physics relate to our life. Oh man, its such a fun to be around him.

You never get bored in his class. Not a single person in our class has said anything bad about him.

He made me love physics, and of course, science.

He is definitely one of the reason why I chose to pursue a science career after graduating

from high school.

Even though I'm not doing physics, I'm still in the habit of reading physics news everyday.

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