雅思高频词汇有哪些? (1)

雅思高频词汇有哪些? (1)




1 \。Tour & Holiday (section1/2)


一方面是调查学生抓住关键信息的能力,另一方面是对英国旅游局的宣传。这才是真正的硬广告 ~


London is an amazingly exciting city , dubbed the city that never sleeps!

As exciting as it is daunting to the first time visitor, London 's incredible diversity means that there is something for every taste; from ancient heritage to modern wonders.

This section explores some of what makes London special and gives you a locals 'perspective that will enable you to make the most of this incredible city!

Ø 旅游景点

scenery , lookout points , tourist attractions , scenery , sightseeing spots , landmarks , places of interest


London Tower Bridge , House of Parliament , Westminster , Big Ben , Buckingham Palace , Windsor Castle , National Gallery

2 \。Social events (section 2)

雅思听力经常会考试一些社交活动,如会议、展览、节日等 section 2 等..参加这些社交活动,需要通过网站、单页、需要了解活动的信息、日程安排、主题等详细情况,需要通过

Events: Convention, exhibition, conference, festival, exposition

Publicity: website/internet, leaflets, flyers, notice board, posters, advertisements, good for a family, children, adult, senior citizens

Transportation: bus, taxi, cab, subway, tube, coach, parking problems

Agenda: dates, timetable

Focus/theme: music/live music, art, ballet, clothes, drama, food, business, demonstration, comics, flower arrangement, biscuits

Celebration: parade, dance, chorus, music band

Catering: caf é,restaurant, pub, cafeteria, canteen, refectory, dining room, refreshments, snacks, takeout, takeaway, set lunch, barbecue

Security: security entrance, security office, security personnel/staff, fire exit, lockers, Check ID, video surveillance, cameras, crowded, children easily get lost

3 \。Environment (section 2/4)

这种话一定是大家觉得很专业很难掌握的。它不需要所有的烤鸭都记住,但至少要对发音和中文意思敏感。 这样,我们就对全文的听力内容有了很好的把握。否则,这就像听到科普特文章一样,我们不知所措,这将导致完全放弃。

Atmosphere: Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Ozone, sulphur monoxide

Pollution: air pollution, acid rain, contaminated water, pollutant, contaminant, chemicals, toxic waste

Geographical: soil erosion, desertification, drought, floods, overfishing, over-felling, deforestation

Energy: fossil fuels, coal, gas, petroleum, solar, tide, wind power, nuclear, marsh gas, methane, biogas

Recycling: plastic, paper, glass, bottle tops, ink cartridges, spare parts/components

4 \。Repair (section 1)

这个场景主要是在购物或者租房之后。 发现有一些这样那样的问题。物体的型号、主要问题、什么时候维修、是否有保修、更换或退款等都将是非常重要的考试场所。雅思听力还是很实用的。它可以让我们提前预览我们在国外会遇到的场景,帮助我们了解外国人处理一些事情的流程和规则。

What to repair: fridge, refrigerator, washing machine, CD player, electric light, clock, bungalow, cooker, rice cooker, printer (shelf)

When to repair: immediately, straight away, right now, urgent, Next week, weekdays, weekends, in a couple of weeks, Mornings, afternoons (am pm)

Model type/number

Main problem: leaking, door broken, flashing, hands broken, noisy, fan broken, steam escaping

Quality warranty: expiry date, quality guaranteed for two years

Compensation: refund, replacement

Payment: cash, cheque, credit card, bank transfer

5 \。Diet and Health (section 4)

饮食与健康不仅是现在人们越来越关注的问题,也是雅思听力考试中永恒的主题。在 Section 4 关于健康饮食和生活方式经常有讨论。同时,一些听力疾病的病因和治疗也与此密切相关。

Disease: Heart disease, chronic illness, diabetes, obesity,high blood pressure

Food intake/elements: protein, vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, fat acid, calcium, cholesterol, minerals, calorie, kilocalorie

diet: cereals, sugar, salt, lean meat, eggs, fish, milk, vegetables, fruit, red meat, white meat

cereals: wheat, corn, barley, oat, maize, rice

health: low nutrition, malnutrition, overweight, obese, underweight, intelligence, eyesight, brain, learning difficulty, digestion, congestion, heart disease, tuberculosis

Physical exercises: running, jogging, swimming

6 \。Medicine (section 1)


比如说 family doctor 这个概念在中国几乎不存在,但在西方社区却很普遍。如何注册家庭医生,他们是如何收费的等等,我们应该了解。在国外的一些地区,如果没有注册的家庭医生,很可能有些突发事件是医生看不到的。

doctors: physician, surgeon, dentist, veterinarian, pediatrician, therapist, general practitioner

treatments: cure, remedy, therapy, acupuncture,

diseases: headache, toothache, backache (back pain), stomachache, heart disease, pneumonia, tuberculosis, diabetes, insomnia, asthma, employment medical, sprain, sports injury, sprained knee

medicine: antibiotics, penicillin, aspirin, sleeping pills (tablets), painkillers, dose, underdose, overdose, ice pack, walking sticks

surgery: operation

hospital: clinics, ward, maternity, emergency, surgery, practice

7 \。Library (section 1/4)

图书馆 这是雅思听力中经久不衰的场景之一。对于这个场景,麦考瑞 出国考试研究中心建议大家要掌握好图书馆的基本布局和功能,完整的借阅流程,以及图书馆里隐藏的资料。

Registration: information desk, information sector, librarian desk, registration fee, membership fee

ID documents: passport, visa, student card, library card, driver 's license, credit card, bank statement, phone bill, Identity card, C.V. letter, Library card, borrower 's card, reader' s card, electronic card, PIN, password

Books: fiction, reference books, technical books, leisure books, notion, academic

Periodicals: magazines, journals Current issues, back issues

Technical Resources: photocopying machine, photocopier, color, white and black photocopier, printer, laser printer, card, coin, internet access, computers, laptops

Electronic, digital: CD, DVD, VCD, videos, tapes, cassettes, CD-ROM

Recall system: catalogue (title, author, press, category) , call slip, librarian

Circulation: borrow, loan, return, renew, overdue, fine, reserve

Loan time: weeks, months (up to 4 weeks, maximum loan time)

Training classes: research methods, IT, computer software, dissertation writing

8 \。Job hunting (section 1/2)

对于大多数学生来说,上学时工作是一种常见的生活方式。一方面可以补充生活费用,另一方面可以增加社交体验,扩大朋友圈。如果你有机会以实习生的身份进入一些大公司,对以后的工作肯定会有很大的帮助。以下是 雅思求职现场常考的细节要注意了!

Type of work: vacation jobs, office work, bar attendant, waiter, waitress, zoo attendant, childcare, library assistant, restaurant work, shop assistant, sales assistant, domestic work, reporter, carpenter, freelance, part-time job, full-time job, temporary job

Main roles: receptionist, shop assistant, looking after animals (kangaroo), educate visitors, save wounded/injured animals, maintain website, (163)/(164)

Advantages and disadvantages: pay, working hours, workload, flexible, equipment, transportation

Working hours: am pm weekdays (during the week), weekends,bank holidays, public holidays, New year, Christmas

Pay rate: pound/dollar per hour, starting salary, wage

Clothes: formal clothes, suit, informal clothes, casual clothes shirt, trousers, tie, bow tie, uniform

Transportation: bus, train, subway, tube, metro, taxi, cab

Magazine reporters: housing magazine, entertainment magazine, sports magazine, economy magazine, IT magazine

9 \。Shopping


Price: discount, concession, promotion, sales, half price, normal price, 30% off

Packaging: economy package, family package, container, image, presentation of products

Where to buy: supermarket, market, shop, store, department store, chain store, online shopping

Receipt: invoice, quality warranty, receipt

Supermarket: entrance (profitable), middle shelf (expensive), end of aisles (hard to move), quieter places ( need time to think about)

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                                                     雅思高频词汇 汇总

雅思阅读高频词汇 40 组帮助你巩固基础,并为你带来雅思阅读中出现的超高频词汇。如果你不理解每个单词的意思,就没有办法阅读这篇文章。词汇是阅读的基础。然而,在阅读词汇时,并不是每个人都需要记住用法的发音。对于经常出现的词,也就是我们说的高频词,我们需要把重点放在记忆上, 我们可以从了解它的含义中记住其余的单词。


state n. 情况、州、政府、州 vt. 声明、条例

statement n. 语句,语句


special adj. 特别、特别

especially adv. 特别特别

specialization n. 专业化、专业化

specialise v. 专业研究

specialised adj. 专业的专家

specialist n. 专家

speciality n. 特点、特长

specify vt. 指定,详细信息

specific adj. 详细准确,清晰

specifically adv. 具体明确

species n. 类别


differ vi. 不同

difference n. 差,差

different adj. 不同

differentiate v. 区别,区别


appropriate adj. 适当

inappropriate adj. 不合适




contradict vt. 与.矛盾

contradiction n. 反驳,矛盾

contrary adj. 反向,反向

contrast vt. 与.对比 n.,对比


claim n.( 根据权利提出索赔) 索赔 vt.( 根据权利提出索赔

claimant n.( 按权利提出请求的人)

reclaim vt. 请求返回,回收

reclamation n. 回收,回收


similar adj. 类似,类似

similarly adv. 类似

similarity n. 类似,类似

assimilation n. 同化


evidence n. 明显、重要的证据

evident adj. 显然


major n. 少校 adj. 少校,少校 vi. 少校

majority n. 最多,一半以上


further adj. 进一步,更多 vt. 促进、促进和鼓励

furthermore adv. 还有,和


involve t. 包括


revolve v. 旋转


revolutionary adj. 革命性的,全新的 n. 革命性的

revolutionise vt. 彻底改变

evolve vt. ( make) 进化,(make) 发展

进化,发展 evolution n.

evolutionary adj. 进化


complete adj. 完成,完成 vt. 使完美

completely adv. 非常完全

完成 completion n.

accomplish vt. 已完成,已实施

完成,成就 accomplishment n.


suit v. 适合 n. 一套衣服

suitable adj. 合适,匹配

suitcase n. 行李箱


person n. 人,身体

personal adj. 私人、个人

personalize v. 使它成为个人的,拟人的

个性,个性 personality n.

personnel n. 工作人员


accommodate vt. 供应、容纳

accommodation n. 住宿


economy n. 节约节约

economic adj. 经济 (上)

economical adj. 储蓄

economist n. 经济学家

economics n. 经济学


alter v. 更改

alternative n. 二中选一,选的方式,东西 adj. 有选择性,二中选一。

alternate adj. 交替,交替 v. 交替,交替,变化


effect n. 效果、影响

effective adj. 有效

effectiveness n. 有效性

effort n. 努力,成绩

affect vt. 影响,感动


affective adj. 情感

affecting adj. 触摸,移动

efficient adj.( 直接有效

efficiency n. 效率,功效

sufficient adj. 够了,够了

insufficient adj. 不足,不够


experiment n. 实验,考试 vi. 实验,实验

experimental adj. 实验

experimentation n. 实验,实验,实验

experimenter n. 实验者


approach n. 关闭,方法 vt. 关闭

approachability n. 可访问


前面的 previous adj.


gene n. [ 基因 继承的 genetic adj.

genetics n. 遗传学


object n. 对象,目标,对象,对象 vi. 对象,拒绝,抗议

objection n. 反对、拒绝

objective n. 目标,目标 adj. 目标


amount n. 数量 vi.(to) 合计,相等


mean adj. 差,平均 vt. 表示 n. 平均

meaning n. 意思,意思

有意义的 meaningful adj.


coal n. 煤

煤矿 coal-mining n.


quality n. 质量、自然

qualify v.( make) 合格合格

qualification n. 资格条件

qualitative adj. 性质定性


medicine n. 药

medical adj. 内科

medication n. 药物治疗,药物治疗,药物


term n. 术语、术语

termly adj. 每期定期

terminology n. 术语


perform vt. 性能、执行、性能

performance n. 性能、性能


subject n. 主体,主体,实验对象 adj. 受.影响,

subjective adj. 主观的、个人的


sense n. 感觉、意义 vt. 感觉、理解、知道

感觉,感觉 sensation n.

sensitive adj. 敏感、敏感

sensitivity n. 敏感、敏感 (度)

sensor n. 传感器

sensory adj. 感觉,感官

sensus n. 感受


present n. 礼物,礼物,现在 adj. 礼物,现在 vt. 礼物,现在,现在

出席并存在 presence n.

给对方送礼的节日 present-day n.

presentation n. 声明、礼物、表情

presently adv. 现在,很快

represent vt. 性能、描述、代表

representation n. 代表、业绩、发言

representative n. 代表 adj. 典型代表


particular adj. 特别、独特的 n. 详细信息、详细信息

particulate n. 粒子 adj. 粒子


union n. 工会、协会

unify vt. 统一,这样一个

uniform n. 统一 adj. 相同

uniformity n. 相同,一致

unique adj. 唯一,唯一

unit n. 个人,(计量单位)

united adj. 团结一致

unity n. 团结,团结,团结

universe n. 世界宇宙

university n.( 综合大学


company n. 公司

accompany vt. 伴奏


survey n. 调查 vt. 调查

surveyor n. 检查员测量员


count n. 计算 vt. 计算,认为有价值

account n. 计算后,帐户 vi. 表示

accountant n. 会计师 (会员) 、会计师

accounting n. 会计

accountancy n. 会计、会计职位


significant adj. 有意义、重要

significance n. 意义、重要性

signification n. 含义

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