摘要: 本文列出的雅思流程图范文全部由雅思前考官或外网现任雅思培训师撰写,大部分为 9 分。你可以用流畅的文字,地道的文字,简洁的文字来学习这些作文。流程图也是 小作文中的大 boss. 烤鸭。

熟悉雅思写作考试的同学都知道,以前的流程图一年大概出现三到四次, 然而,在最近几年有增加的趋势。面对这种让烤鸭变色的题型,薛老师在寻找名师解决您的后顾之忧后,只收集了一波 9 点征文集。对于范文的使用,建议大家可以先独立写,然后和范文进行对比,总结不足,如此反复, 最后总结出范文高分的一般规律。



太阳能发电 The diagram below shows how solar panels can be used to provide electricity for domestic use.


The picture illustrates the process of producing electricity in a home using solar panels.

It is clear that there are five distinct stages in this process, beginning with the capture of energy from sunlight. The final two steps show how domestic electricity is connected to the external power supply.

At the first stage in the process, solar panels on the roof of a normal house take energy from the sun and convert it into DC current. Next, this current is passed to an inverter, which changes it to AC current and regulates the supply of electricity. At stage three, electricity is supplied to the home from an electrical panel.

At the fourth step shown on the diagram, a utility meter in the home is responsible for sending any extra electric power outside the house into the grid. Finally, if the solar panels do not provide enough energy for the household, electricity will flow from the utility grid into the home through the meter.(163)


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The diagram shows the stages in the process of making chocolate.( 小作文的第一句都要用一般现在时。流程图需要三个字: process 整个过程; stage 阶段; step 步骤)

Chocolate comes from the cacao tree, which is grown in parts of South America, Africa and Indonesia.( 一开始不能直接引入 cacao tree,,但是由关键字 chocolate 引出,否则太突兀了)

流程图特点1: 导入过程要用一般现在时

流程图特点 2: 大量使用属性从句连接两个相关句子。

流程图特点3: 大量使用被动语音 The tree produces large red pods which contain white cocoa beans.

流程图特点 4: 使用一些表示顺序的连接词 when the pods are ripe, they are harvested, the beans are removed and they are fermented for several days in large wooden boxes.( 三个句子的并列: “句子 A, 句子 B and 句子 C”。)

During the fermenting process, the beans turn brown.

流程图特点5: 适当添加一些在个别图纸中没有说明但可以直接从图片中读取的内容,否则不能满足字数要求。但一定要把握好尺度。不要再加上自己的主观意见,否则会扣分的。

Next, the brown beans are spread in the sun to dry. They are then put in large sacks and transported by train or lorry. After this, the beans are taken to a chocolate factory where they are roasted in an oven at temperatures of between and 350 degree Celsius. 250

After being roasted, the beans are crushed and the outer shell is removed. This part is not needed for making chocolate. Finally, the inner part of the bean is pressed and liquid chocolate is produced.

流程图特点 6: 一般不需要写总结



The process by which bricks are manufactured for the building industry can be outlined in seven consecutive steps. First the raw material, clay, which was just below the surface of soil in certain clay-rich areas has to be dug up by a digger.

Then the lumps of clay are placed on a metal grid in order to break up the big chunks of clay into much smaller areas, which fall through the metal grid onto a roller, whose motion further segregates the bits of clay. Sand and water are added to make a homogenous mixture, which is then either formed in moulds or cut into brick-shaped pieces by means of a wire cutter.

Those fresh bricks are then kept in a drying oven for at least 24 and a maximum of 48 hours, several dozens if not hundreds of bricks at a time. The dried bricks are then transferred to a so-called kiln, another type of high temperature oven. First they are kept at a moderate temperature of 200 °c-1300 This process is followed by cooling down the finished bricks for 48 to 72 hours in a cooling chamber.

Once the bricks have cooled down and have become hard, they get packaged and delivered to their final destination, be it a building site or storage.

(215 words)


Band 9

This response fully satisfies the requirements of the task. All key features of each stage of the process are appropriately and accurately presented. An excellent overview is given at the beginning of the response and this skilfully incorporates part of the rubric, changing the grammatical function, to give a brief summary of the whole process. The message is very easy to read, with seamless cohesion that attracts no attention. Paragraphing, linking and referencing are all skilfully managed. The language used is very fluent and sophisticated. A wide range of vocabulary and structures are used with full flexibility and accuracy. Only rare minor 'slips' can be found and these do not detract from the high rating.



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The following diagraph shows the structure of……

The picture illustrates……

The whole procedure can be divided into.stages.

It mainly consists of……

It works as follows.

It always involves following steps.


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To begin with

To start with

First of all


In the following




After that


At the same time




In the final stage

At last



标题一: 玻璃的回收工艺【单图】

范文 1:

This diagram illustrates the recycling process of glass bottles. The whole process is a cycle which can be divided into three main stages. In the first stage, used bottles are collected at a recycling point ready to be transported by a truck. The second stage starts in a cleaning plant, where these recycled bottles are sorted by color into green, brown and clear ones and washed by high-pressurized water. When the cleaning is done, the bottles are conveyed to a glass factory where they are cut into glass pieces which are then poured into a furnace. After being heated in the furnace, the broken glasses are melted into liquid, which flows into a glass mold. Here glass liquid from other sources is added and the molding process takes place. In the final stage, new, empty bottles are filled with liquid, then packed and dispatched to the supermarket ready to be picked by consumers. At this point, a cycle has been completed and a new cycle will begin.

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