# 话题: 领导

  • {月} horse.

  • {月} pressure.

  • I like those leaders who are friendly and
    {月}-going among their employees.

  • Good leaders are close to their employees.

  • Rules and regulations are the best way to
    standardize a company.

  • Since he '{月}' s supposed to take the

  • {月号} 'would be on equal terms
    with my employees.

  • A professional leader is always ready to take
    challenges and risks.

  • He 's responsible to make important decisions and
    budgets for the company.

  • He 's an expert on finance and good at
    interpreting the government policies.

  • {贪污问题咨询} products to potential customers.

  • She is playing a role of a manager and a role of
    a mother at the same time.

# 主题: 电脑

  • Our life is made more convenient because of the

  • Computer provides people with different sorts of
    entertainment such as listening to music and watching films.

  • It 's said that radiation of the computer screen
    is harmful to our health.

  • Many young people indulge themselves in surfing
    on the internet and neglect their studies.

  • {月号} computer for too long.

  • I 'm a computer novice.

  • For me, computer is a means of study and

  • Computer viruses can cause a lot of damage.

  • Many young people are obsessed with playing
    computer games and neglect their studies.

  • Computer can be a two-edged sword.

  • Computer is a problem while it brings
    convenience to people.

  • Computer has received more and more social
    attention from all walks of life.

# 话题: 钱

  • Money is not the thing that I 'm after.

  • We should not let riches govern us.

  • The young people tend to be loose with their

  • Many young people borrow from Peter to pay Paul.

  • Time is often compared to money for its

  • Many low income families can not make their ends

  • Old people are often thrifty in money.

  • You obtain money in a right way and use it

  • “Money talks" could not be applied to
    every situation.

  • Thrifty is one of the traditional virtues of
    Chinese people.

  • Money is often where all the trouble starts.

  • We should cultivate children 's capability of
    dealing with their money

# 话题: 文化和娱乐

  • Physical culture is one kind of the human
    culture as a whole and also a very special kind.

  • Physical culture characterized with
    "olympic spirit" has been accept by people of the whole world.

  • China 's culture has never stopped developing
    throughout history.

  • China 's culture has enriched itself through
    mutual exchange in the world.

  • In recent years, Beijing opera has attempted
    numerous reforms in response to sagging audience numbers.

  • Beijing opera arouse in the late 18th century
    and became fully developed and recognized by the mid 19th century.

  • Last month I went to Chinese National Grand
    Theatre to see a play called Thunderstorm.

  • We can relax ourselves in KTV thoroughly.

  • Sometimes we can go to an amusement park to
    relieve the pressure.

  • Movie Season is my famous holiday because I
    would have a lot of films to enjoy.

  • It 's a great time for us to gather with our
    friends and relax.

  • It 's free to all citizens, but always you can
    see too many people and you 've got to wait in a long queue.

# 话题: 一个重要的决定

  • When I was a little girl, I relied on my parents
    to guide my decisions about every thing.

  • To get married is one of the most important
    decisions you can make in life.

  • This is a decision of life and death.

  • You should consult your supervisor before you
    decide which topic to write about.

  • When making decisions about migration,
    investment etc., we 'd better ask help from expert.

  • This decision symbolizes a turning point of my

  • We can 't follow blindly all of our parents

  • Making decisions is a tough job.

  • My decision to become a teacher is largely due
    to my parents encouragement.

  • The decision of furthering my study in the US
    opens a new window for me.

  • I must be doited to make that decision.

  • Once a wrong decision is made, rarely is there
    an opportunity to amend for it.

# 主题: 生活中的变化

  • Great changes have taken place in my hometown in recent years.

  • Due to the development of economy, people in my hometown are living a better

  • I have changed a lot in personality.

  • I was a shy boy in the past but now I am confident and extrovert.

  • You could hardly imagine how your life would be like ten years later.

  • Environment is getting worse so people in the world are worrying about it.

  • The greatest change in my life is my way of thinking.

  • Life is colorful because it 's full of change.

  • Life is a box of chocolate and you never know what you are going to eat.

  • As long as I am striving forward, I know I could make big changes of my life.

  • Everyone can be better and better if he has a dream and try his best to realize
    the dream.

  • I may have difficulties and frustrations in future but I am ready for it.

# 主题: 城市

  • Beijing is the political and cultural centre of China.

  • Beijing has a population of 20 million people.

  • Traffic has become an increasingly different problem in Beijing.

  • Beijing is one of the ancient Chinese capitals.

  • Having been the capital of China for over 800 years, Beijing is a city with
    rich cultural heritage.

  • If I had a chance, I would like to live in Hangzhou.

  • With a mild climate and its beautiful scenery, Hangzhou is an ideal place for

  • Sand storms often occur in Beijing in spring.

  • All kinds of cultural events and international symposiums are held in Beijing
    every year.

  • Beijing acted as the host city for the Olympics in 2008.

  • Beijing has changed into an open and modern metropolis.

  • Life in a city with its numerous supermarkets is much more convenient.

你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

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1 \。You can call me Hallie.


2.Well, I don 't have an English name because I prefer to be called Li Wei.


3 .It doesn 't matter what names you have.


4 .People will remember you instead of your names.


5.It 's very complicated to change your names in China because you' ve got to go through a series of procedures like preparing the documents, going to the police station, etc.


6.I got this special name from my grandparents because they wanted me to have a bright future.


7 .Names are just symbols and they have the wishes of our elders.


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