How much do you know your neighbours?

To be honest,my neighbours and I only have a nodding acquaintance We don't really communicate that often because there are not many common activities to do together in my neghbourhood.


Do you think neighbours should help each other?

Absolutely, neighbours are the people who live just next door to you.If you have any kind of emergency,they are the people that actually will jump up and give a hand to you. In this regard,neighbours should help each other.


Do you see your neighbours often?

Not really. My neighbours are all busy businessmen.I don't see them too often.I probably only see them twice a week in the corridor.


Do you get along with your neighbours?

Yes, I really respect my neighbours. There are not any problems between us. In China,we have an old saying that goes like this,"a far-off relative is not as helpful as a near neighbour". From that old proverb you can see people really respect their nelghbours in Chinese culture.


What would be the problem between you and your neighbours?

There is not really a problem between my neighbours and me. If I had to mention one,I would say it would be the amount of noise I hear from them. One of my neighbours always likes to play music really loud.Sometimes, it can be disturbing. Apart from that,everything else is fine .

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key words

Community 小区

Bump into 不经意遇上

Ruckus 喧嚣

Tolerant 包容Yes. Miss. Lee…a gossip hen (举个例子)gossip hen 八婆

No. I’m too busy…(给缘故) to make acquaintance with their neighbourhood

Not quite often. Neighbours are too aloof (冷淡的) these days.

Vacuum 真空泵

Get on/along well with 与….交往和睦

There is an old saying 有一句俗语

A far-off relative is not as helpful as a near neighbour 远亲不如近邻

Get irritated with 被惹怒的

Pleasant face 友善的脸

Generous to offer help 助人为乐

Give the impression of being friendly and tolerant 给人的印像是友善和包容

Have regular timetable 有固定不动的时刻表

Make community noise 小区噪声

Drive sb. crazy 把别人逼疯


1)Are there many people live near you?

Yes, I live in a small/ big community, so I’ve got a lot of neighbors. You know, nowadays, the relationship between neighbors is not as close as before. Most of people who are busy their work may not know who their neighbors are, and some people just say “hello”when they bump into their neighbors in the community.

2)Do you think it’s important to know your neighbors?

Yes. There is an old saying: A far-off relative is not as helpful as a near neighbor. Well, having good relationships with your neighbors has many benefits. You know, people live in a society not vacuum, everybody need communication and help. If you get on well with your neighbor, you can become good friends, share ideas about life with them. What’s more, when you are stuck in trouble at home, the most efficient way is to ask your neighbor for help.

3)What sorts of problem can people have with their neighbors?

Well, sometimes, the problems between neighbors cannot be avoided because of different lifestyles and different views. For example, old people may not tolerant the loud music and ruckus all night long caused by young people. On the other hand, young people may get irritated with the sound of morning exercise.

4)Would you prefer to have young people as young neighbors, or old people?

Well, I prefer to be neighborhood with old people. As far as I know, the elderly are always very nice and kind. They usually have a pleasant face and are very generous to offer help. Old people give the impression of being friendly and tolerant. This is perhaps because they have experienced a lot for their own lives and they can see a lot of things clearly. What’s more, I think older neighborhood usually have regular timetable, you know, they get up early and sleep early. In comparison, young people nowadays are notorious for being irresponsible and selfish. They are not as polite as the older people do. They are likely to make community noise on party nights. Too much noise will drive me crazy in a quite night. I just don’t think I can stand that.

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Describe an interesting neighbour.

You should say:

Who this person is

How you know this person

What this person likes to do

And explain why you think this neighbor is interesting


最先,第一句话--承揽题目.并找出第一问Who this person is

I’m lucky enough to live in an area where I have good neighbours. Well, the one who has left me great impression is Mr. Liu, a man of fun.

第二问:How you know this person. 这一部分大伙儿要勤奋开展一些扩展,最好是加上一些关键点和剧情,不必泛泛得一句话没戴过,那样才可以叙述得更丰富.另外,由于是产生过去的事儿,一定要还记得每一个形容词必须变过去时哦!

I met him in the elevator of my apartment. I was waiting on the ground floor for the elevator and he was standing beside me. At first, we didn’t have talksbut a few moments later, he started talking on the phone. I came to know that he was the new tenant of the apartment opposite to mine. Then we got introduced inside the elevator and I invited him to be my guest for some tea.

第三问:What this person likes to do. 更为实际,谨记不必列举恶性事件,一定要加上表述,最好是与角色特点相连接.

After that, we had a few catch up. Basically he is a computer engineer by profession and he loves to travel. He is filled with vast experiences of travelling in different parts of the world for his occupational purposes and has been hired by several globally renowned organisations.

最终一问:Why you think this person is interesting. 我们都知道,Part 2的最终一问一般全是以Why结束,询问你实际的缘故,是前边介绍性的题目完毕后对全部卡牌的小结和升化.是必须大伙儿挥墨得去3D渲染和铺平的一个题目.提议此题目的答题時间不必低于30秒,并且要尽量加上你的体会,你的缘故,你的点评.

Whenever I meet him, I become pleased after talking with him. Mr. Liu is the man who will make you feel comfortable with his companion and you cannot stop laughing hearing his jokes and the way he talks. Sometimes he tells the stories of African people and their living styles, their cultures and customs. Besides, we have formed a network with few other neighbours in the apartment building, so that we can have chats regularly in the evening or during weekends when everyone is back from their works. I would say life is never dull when he is around. (画龙点晴的结束)

Part 3 深入分析

1. Do you think neighbors are important?


Good advisors.They can always be good advisors and help you in making certain decisions of which you are totally confused.(给提议)

Vacation help. When you are out on a vacation, you would like to go without any stress. Good neighbours will keep an eye on your property or take care of your pets.(外出休闲度假:帮助看门看狗)

Help with parties. They can be helpers when you have a house party with lots of guests.(办派对帮助)


Have different jobs and schedules. They could seldom see or meet each other due to different jobs and schedules. People tend to go to their friends or colleagues for help instead of neighbours.

2. Do you think it's important to have a good relationship with one's neighbors?

Of course. Good neighbours wave at you, may stop to pet your dog and chat. Good neighbours take time to talk and smile and they reach out to connect you.

Helping each other--For example, when I'm out on a vacation, they can help me take care of my pet.

They are respectful--They avoid keeping others awake with loud parties and barking dogs. They respect your space and privacy.

3. Do you think people's relationships with their neighbors today is the same as it was in the past?(时态的转换)

Currently, the time that we interact with our neighbours becomes shorter. In the past, neighbours relied on each other on the daily and recreational aspect. For example, in the past, neighbourhood may hold some interesting activities such as playing cards. However, today, people spend more time on electronic devices such as computer or television.

4. What are the benefits of belonging to community?

Fun. Since we are social animals and when we are part of a community there are always social aspects involved that you can have a lot of fun at.(好玩儿)

Sense of belonging. (信任感)People share common interests. People would no longer feel lonely and they would lead healthier and happier life.

Inspiration and motivation. In strong communities there is always someone doing something amazing, which can have the effect of inspiring you to go harder and achieve bigger goals.(榜样鼓励)

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