雅思口语Part 2&3评委范文


Describe a time when you saw an interesting animal.

You should say:

What animal it was

Where you saw it

What happened when you saw it

And explain why you thought it was interesting.


Ok then, well the time I’m gonna talk to you about is when I saw a monkey, actually a group of monkeys to be exact, um, at uh... Hangzhou Zoo, along with a lot of other animals there. But I found the monkeys to be the most interesting to look at, as I’ll (come to) explain in a moment.

So uh, what can I say about them? Um…well, firstly I’m not exactly sure what species of monkey they were, I’m afraid. You know, I didn’t really pay that much attention to the placard at the bottom explaining what they were, cos my eyes were just drawn to all the movement in the cage! So all I can really say is that they were small monkeys.

And the reason I found them interesting was that they seemed to kind of have this, like, strong awareness of the fact that I was there, you know, they could, like, sense my presence and um, it sort of felt like they were communicating with me in some kind of way when I made eye contact with them.

It was also funny seeing them darting around the cage, you know, and climbing around all the trees. I mean, they literally couldn’t sit still for five minutes! And that’s another reason why I found them so fascinating to watch.

So yeah, I think I’ve pretty much covered everything, but I’ll just finish by saying that I think they’re really cute animals, and you know, looking at their hands, it’s like miniature versions of our hands, and it’s just so cute seeing how they hold stuff, you know, like how they clutch bananas and things when they’re eating them.

I’ll stop there, cos I think time’s pretty much up!



…as I’ll (come to) explain in a moment –我一会儿就表述.

Species -种群

Placard –the written explanation of each animal by each cage at the zoo

Drawn to =attracted to

darting around =moving very quickly,迅速挪动

literally –here it means:的确地;真实地;不用生动地You use literally to emphasize that what you are saying is true, even though it seems exaggerated or surprising

cover –here it means:(在演说、课程内容或书中)探讨,涉及到If you cover a particular topic, you discuss it in a talk, course, or book.

Miniature -细微的;(尤指)小型的,缩微版的Miniature is used to describe something which is very small, especially a smaller version of something which is normally much bigger

Clutch =hold tightly, 赶紧

time’s pretty much up =時间类似来到!

你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

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I’d like to talk about my pet cat.

I first saw him in a pet store. That day my mom and I were shopping in a mall, and when she was trying on a skirt in the fitting room/dressing room, I just waited outside, feeling a little bored. Luckily, just next to the shop there was a pet store, I could see adorable dogs and cats through the window.

I walked in, and there was this lovely kitten meowing to me. And he reached out his paw from the cage, like he was trying to invite me to play with him. I just fell in love with that little creature the second I saw him. I opened the cage, and held him in my arms, and he rubbed me with his head, and looked at me with those sparkling eyes. My heart was melting at that moment, and I told myself, I would definitely take him home. And just at that time, I heard my mom looking for me next door, so I asked her to come over here and check him out. And when my mom came in, he jumped down to the ground, and started to lick his arms. My mom found him so likeable, so we decided to take him home.

And after just one month, he became a little fatty, which makes him even cuter. When he was asleep, he looks just like a soft toy.

Now I just couldn’t imagine my life without him. Every night, he would sleep beside me, and sometimes, he even snores, I know he’s actually purring, but it’s just so funny.

你的小宠物也有将会以前是只homeless cat or stray dog(漂泊喵和漂泊汪),你还可以跟雅思考官讲讲第一次看到他们心生疼爱,带回去的情景呀.

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Describe an interesting animal.

You should say:

what animal it is①

where it lives (or, you have seen it)②

what it looks like③

and explain your feelings about this animal.④


The Beauty ----Mandarin ducks

I happened to meet the Mandarin Ducks over the years in the wild area of Ampere Garden, in ponds along the big drainage. And, I'm 100% sure they were not normal Ducks. It was 'in the wild'and free to fly off whenever it wanted to!

The male mandarin duck is way more colorful, his breast is purple with two vertical white bars and the flanks ruddy, with two orange “sails”at the back. The female is similar to female Wood Duck, all dark green brown.Male Mandarin ducks are considered by many to be the most beautifully colored of all waterfowl.

In China, the mandarin duck is associated as a Chinese weddings symbol, because it symbolizes wedded blissand fidelity.A Chinese proverb for loving couples uses the Mandarin Duck as a metaphor:“Two mandarin ducks playing in water”.Mandarin ducks are alwaysdepictedin a pair –it is said that if the ducks were separated, they would pine for each other and die of loneliness.Dying of loneliness for love might only be a romantic myth and a cheerful reflection of people's attitude to reality.

Anyway, I love these lovely creatures;I wish I could raise one.






wedded bliss:婚姻生活幸福





where it lives (or, you have seen it)②

·Not at a zoo. This little beauty (and its mate) had unexpectedly flown into a countryside park that I happened to be visiting ~

what it looks like③

·The adult male is a striking and unmistakable bird.

·Mandarin duck is known as a perching duck and prefers more of a wooded atmosphere, but it also must have a pond along with that.

and explain your feelings about this animal.④

·Mandarin Ducks form a strong attachment to their partners;hence, they are also an emblem of conjugal fidelity. A pair of Mandarin Ducks is excellent symbols for keeping love alive.

·Mandarin Ducks, which are referred to by the Chinese as Yuan-yang (simplified Chinese:鸳鸯;traditional Chinese:鸳鸯;pinyin:yuān yāng), are frequently featured in Oriental art and are regarded as a symbol of conjugal affection and fidelity.

·Love at first sight –these mandarin ducks are seen to be deeply absorbed in each other, emitting a feeling of intense and true love. Mandarin ducks are potent symbols of love, affection, fidelity and devotion. This translates to loving couples and marital bliss. But in reality, though, the ducks find new partners each year.

·Mandarin Ducks are very popular symbols of love and fidelity. They are always seen in pairs, signifying loving couples and marital bliss. The transmitted loving energy is said to be able to create a happy and harmonious marriage.

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