武汉市 4.24 早上8.50 rm18 考官很nice 黄种人脸孔 part1 hometown train shopping prat2 sth you saved money for part3 有关 save money的一些物品 女人和男人save money 的差别 young children save money用什么


长春市room04秒共享 白人年青小伙,有文明礼貌,說話快但是重音基础都是听到,趴1hometown喜欢家乡么不喜欢么, 是否会之后在家乡衣食住行.2工程建筑3古代建筑损坏,维护,需不需要复建.


湖大 rm15. 白人大爷,一直在笑容!十分的豁达.p1 sunshine bicycle living. p2 将来的计划 p3各种各样计划 年青人个老年人做计划有什么区别 挑选出国留学念书和学生就业的人有什么区别 大家怎样制订计划 这些……


4 26,RM15 part1: cycle、singer hometown.part2:special meal Part3 紧紧围绕传统式食材和中式快餐


湖大rm16亚籍中年女考官,无话音,声音速度清楚迟缓,人非常nice!趴1:name,major,hometown,cooking(三四个有关小难题)趴2:something you.enjoy doing wtih old people.(是个没提前准备的topic,懵了)趴3:一系列有关family outdoor activities的难题.


同济大学rm315 p1太阳,绿色植物,家乡 p2与路人谈话内容 p3大家喜不喜欢跟他人谈起problem这些.


湖大 rm15. 白人大爷,一直在笑容!十分的豁达.p1 sunshine bicycle living. p2 将来的计划 p3各种各样计划 年青人个老年人做计划有什么区别 挑选出国留学念书和学生就业的人有什么区别 大家怎样制订计划 这些……

8、长春市room04秒共享 白人年青小伙,有文明礼貌,說話快但是重音基础都是听到,趴1hometown喜欢家乡么不喜欢么, 是否会之后在家乡衣食住行.2工程建筑3古代建筑损坏,维护,需不需要复建.


东大 #317#年青男可以,算nice,亚籍考官要不就是说韩国人将会还简直韩国人 P1 hometown,shopping,dictionaries P2 A subject people often ask you P3 General knowledge TV quizzes (都是这一)出去之后才搞清楚quizzes啥意思,还问了考官,表述之后還是搞错了,全部p3全毁了


趴1、name、student or working、dictionary、electron dictionary.part2、product made in You country.part3、各种各样吃的的物品 南北方比照、还跟我说新疆人喜欢吃啥、内蒙人喜欢吃啥、哪些食物在我国最时兴.


天津市外院,room 2,白人男考官,人很和蔼可亲,听不进去让你反复归还你表述举个例子,part1住在哪儿,词典,服饰,part 2广告词,part 3广告词的各种各样难题!


湖北大学R16 考官是NiCE的女亚籍 沒有话音.问了我许多可是无需回应很长她就会问一下个 P1name home major animal pet ...P2 sth your save money for P3 is easy for younger people save money?how?why ?boy or girl ? Is Easily to buy things on the website?


湖大rm8 11点05的场 p1 父母 电视栏目 小动物 p2 老友 p3 老同学聚会


上海财大313,中年女考官,全线笑容激励我.趴1家乡健身运动歌唱,趴2special meal 趴3food,少年儿童与年轻人喜欢不一样的食材吗?家中和饭店食材的不一样.


财大 rm314 白人男考官不太nice一点不笑 p1hometown rain哪些的 p2 place far away from home you traveled to p3 需不需要去太远的地区度假旅游(难题许多的一直在对于前边的回应问) 综上所述一直在讲尽管回应的都非常简单短暂…p2还提前准备满充足要是不感觉我还在做作业就行TuT


湖北大学4.24的 part1 hometown,cooking,喜欢和不喜欢的学科这些许多,我想不起来了 part2.building in your country part3 有关historic interests的,储存难题呀,也有如今房屋与之前房屋的差别这些


4月24武汉市湖北大学room20,考官是个老头儿,还带话音.P1问的家乡,气温.P2课程,P3 teacher这类的话题讨论



你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

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Part 1









Toy / Game











Part 2

A sports competition

A historical building

A subject you don’t like

Something you do to learn another language

A place you visited and enjoyed learning another culture

A film you dislike

A letter

Future plan

Something a stranger did to you

A place near water

Special meal

Family business

Interesting conversation

Important decision

A group

Positive experience

Sth you enjoy to read

A website

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Part 1

1.Your work or your studies (不断高频率)
Why did you choose to do that kind of work or subject or major?
What subject are you studying?
Why did you choose that (particular) school/university?

2.Hometown / where are you living now (不断高频率)
Why are you coming from?
What attracts you most in your hometown?
Do you think whether your hometown is suitable for young people to live in?
Have you got used to the life of living in (Shanghai)?

Does your name have any particular meaning and do you like your name?

4.Plants (本周热门考题)
Do you like to go to the forest? Why?
Do people need to protect the trees? Why?
Is it comfortable to live in a place with lots of trees?
Have you ever planted a tree? Do we need to plant trees?

Do you like riding a bicycle?
What do you use a bicycle for?
Is bicycle popular in your country?
What do you think is the advantage of biking compared with other forms of transport?

6 Walking (Hiking) (本周热门考题)
Do you like walking? Why or why not?
Who do you usually walk with?
How is walking different from hiking?
What do you think are the benefits of walking?

7 Politeness
How do people in your culture show good manners (towards others)?
Who told you to be polite first when you were a child?
Do the way people polite in your country change?

8 Weather
What’s the weather like in your hometown?
What’s your favourite season? Why?
What do you usually do during your favourite weather?
Is there any season you dislike? Why?
In what weather do you like to do out with your parents?

9 Fashion (Clothes)
What type of clothes does you like best?
What types of clothes do you usually wear?
Do you like fashionable clothes?
Where do you always go shopping?

Part2 &3

1. An important decision that took you long time to make
What do you think are the most important decisions that people make in their lives?
What skills are necessary when making decisions?
How can people improve their decision-making skills?
How do you think computers will change the way people make decisions?

2. A restaurant you like to go to that impressed you
What are some reasons why people eat out?
Does it give people more status to eat in a restaurant rather than eat at home?
Do people now go to restaurants more than before?(Why?/ Why not?)
What’s the difference between eating at home and eating in a restaurant?
In your opinion, what is a “healthy diet”?

3. A park / garden you visited and liked / that impressed you
Are public gardens very important in China?
Do you think there are enough public gardens in your hometown?
What do you think are the benefits of having gardens in the city?

4. An intelligent person you know.
What kinds of personalities should a teacher have?
What are the differences between the family education and schooling?
Do you think that it would be easier for an intelligent person to be happy and successful?

5. A Film You Dislike
Do people prefer to watch films in the cinema or at home?
Do different types of people all like to watch the same kinds of films?
In what ways does watching films influence people?

6. An interesting foreign country you would like to visit.
How do you think about studying abroad?
Why do many people live (travel) in foreign countries?

7. A family business you know
Do you think what the business men need most to run companies?
Do you think which is better, to go into a big company or to go into a small company for a job?
What does the leader need to do in a small company when the business fails?
Do you think what the causes for the success of a family business are?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of a family business?

8. A subject that you didn’t enjoy in high school or secondary school
Which subject should be / should not be taught in school?
What factors do people consider when they

9. Describe an occasion when you met an old friend
Do you think having friends is important?
Are there any benefits from having long-term friendship?
How can people maintain the friendships they have for a long time?
How do people in your country make new friends?
Where do people go to make new friends?

10. Describe a positive change in your life.
Do old people like change?
What do you think are the benefits and disadvantages (or, pros and cons) of change?

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