话题: Describe an old person you know and respect(了解并尊敬的老人).


Describe an old person you know and respect.

You should say:

who the person is

how you know the person

how long you have known this person

and explain why you respect this person

sample answer

I’m going to tell you about one of my teachers who taught me in middle school. He was a great influence on me and someone I still admire and look up to – a real role model.

Barry – that’s his name – taught me Geography and Biology for about 2 years I guess. He was also my form teacher and so we saw lot of each other when I was at school. Like quite a few teachers he hadn’t been a teacher all of his life – in fact he’d had a successful career in the army before he took up teaching. That I think is what made him a little different from the rest of the staff – he had a lot of outside interests in life.

As I was saying he taught me at middle school when was I around 11 or 12. But our relationship went much further than that. He became something of a family friend and he still comes to visit us quite often and he’s even shared Christmas Day with us once or twice. So I suppose you could say we have known each other for over 20 years now – though naturally I see much less of him now that I have moved away from home.

He has lots of qualities. For example, he was a strong disciplinarian at school and insisted that everyone tidied their desk and was polite. But his greatest quality for me is his sense of humour and enthusiasm. When we used to have lessons with him he was able to make a class of small boys want to learn because he wouldn’t just tell us funny stories he would show how us how enjoyable studying nature could be – even though I had no real interest in the subject.

Why do I look up to him so much? Well, if I was a teacher I’d want to be just like him – someone who is able to make other people want to learn.

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话题:Describe an old person you respect(敬重的老人)

1.Do you think we should respect old people?

Of course, we need to show more respect for seniors. Most of them have problems dealing with the issue of aging, so they might be sensitive and self-abased. Contempt or vituperation might hurt them to the extent beyond expectation. Also, to respect them sets a good example for our future generation who will in turn care and love us when we grow old.

2.Should the family or government look after their elderly?

Both family and government should shoulder the responsibility of taking care of the elderly. Family members should do trivial but critical daily routines for their grandparents such as preparing the breakfast and dinner for them and cleaning their room once a week. Additionally, the government should put emphasis on building a sound welfare system in which the old can enjoy medicine and operations at a lower price.

3.What are the advantages of living with grandparents?

Living with grandparents have several benefits. The most obvious one is that they can teach me how to cope with problems since they have much experience and wisdom. For example, when one gets through the hard time of broken relationships and lost job, listening to the guide of grandparents will let one feel better about life and pull oneself together for a new start.

4.Do old people help the young parents to look after their kids?

Yes, in China it is often the case that grandparents take the responsibility of taking care of grandchildren while the young parents need to go out and work during the day. Grandparents, compared with daycare staff, will give more attention and love to the young child because they are related by blood. Also, if any emergency occurs, it is faster for grandparents to contact the parents.

5.What are the benefits and drawbacks for grandparents to look after their grandchildren?

Well, as I have just mentioned, they will give more care compared with others to their grandchildren. But the negative sides cannot be ignored. It is interesting to see that children raised by grandparents are much not as fashionable as those raised by parents. Also, many ideas and values of the older generation might well be out of date and children who are influenced by them might lag behind the times.

6.Do you think people should spend time at family reunions?

Definitely yes. The time for families to get together is essential for the sense of belongings. The most important and typical family reunion is the one during the Spring Festival. Most of the family members are dispersed in different parts of the world and the family reunion offers an opportunity for them to meet each other and see what happens throughout the year.

7.What impacts do old people have on children?

Children will become wiser and learn how to stay cool in front of damage. For example, if a child is bullied by his or her peers, he or she will tell the grandparents who will then comfort the wounded heart and figure out solutions with the child together. Also, children will get to accept the fact that people just aren’t good at everything and get to learn the importance of giving up.

8.What impacts do children have on old people?

Children will have tremendous positive impacts on seniors, in my view. Heading to their end and enduring various physical inconvenience, old people tend to feel sorry for themselves and sometimes regard life as pointless. However, children, the future generations, inject their life with hope and fun. Also, the young are often the experts of a wide range of electronic devices, so they can teach the aged about the latest technology.

9.Do you like living with old people?

Not really, to be frank. I would like to live by myself. The reason is very simple, living alone is especially free for me. I don’t eat dinner because I want to keep fit and in shape, but living with old people who are often passionately preparing the meals requires one to eat them all to show respect. Also, I am accustomed to reading late in night, which might disturb the schedule of my grandparents who are used to sleeping earlier at about nine o’clock.

10.Do old people always lavish their care on children?

Not really. That still depends on every individual. I have seen those grandparents who spoil their grandchildren by satisfying every need and request of the kids. Consequently, these juveniles become quite wilful and impolite. Also, there are seniors who love the kids with heart and soul, but they do have principles. If the child lies or misbehaves, the grandparents won’t turn a blind eye and will have a serious talk with the kid. Apart from these loving old people, some irresponsible grandparents, though few, do exist. They hate the burden of raising a noisy child and choose to look on with folded hands.

11.What kinds of activities do an old people like to do these days?

Well, in my opinion, nowadays old people like to chat with other people, sharing past experience with their peers or grandchildren. Besides, many old people would like to have morning or evening exercises to keep a good body condition. In big cities, you can often see many old people dancing at the squares in the evening.

12.Why do some old people only remember happy things?

Well, in my opinion, when they were young, old people experienced many things, happy or unhappy, joyous or sorrowful. But only happy things can make them feel good, so they can always remember them very clearly. Moreover, since happy things are mentioned time and time again, it is no wonder that old people can only remember them.

13.Why do young people like to ask about the past of old people?

Well, for one thing, the past of old people sounds fresh to young people, who are curious about different and new things. For another thing, young people like to learn something useful from old people’s past experience. They even sometimes ask old people for suggestions and proposals.

14.What kinds of things can young people learn from old people?

Well, actually young people can learn many things from old people. Firstly, young people can learn old people’s spirit of perseverance because almost all old people experienced the tough life in the past. Secondly, young people can learn old people’s attitude of tolerance. Old people are always strict with themselves and considerate to others.

15.Do you think old people enjoy their life more these days compared with the past?

Well, I think so. On one hand, old people can enjoy the happiness brought by modern science and technology, for example, they can use mobile phones or internet to communicate their family members freely. On the other hand, old people have more ways of entertainment compared with the past.

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