1. Do you think it is necessary to create a law?


The development of human race has already proved that a proper and sound legal system is required to maintain social security and it is the best symbol of a modern society.


If there is no deterrent force of laws and regulations, inevitably, the whole society will become chaotic or disorderly.
If every individual acts without considering other’s feeling, there will be much trouble, because the basic right of others can be easily violated and no one can be protected from doing so.
The social order can only be kept through well-rounded legal system.
The legal system is also contributing to the social justice and a more healthy society in the long run.


If most people are fully self-disciplined and well-educated, they can take full charge of their own behaviour and control themselves even in extreme conditions. In this sense, there is no need to establish strict laws and punishment to guide people’s behaviour. Well, this can only be achieved when human beings develop into a very advanced level, not in the present-day society.

2. Do you think the law is fair?

富人的手机游戏.许多案件最终的裁定,并不是彻底由客观事实决策的,只是依据彼此在法院上互相反驳,证据的搜集和展现方法决策的.一般 ,只能有钱人能够请来最出色的刑事辩护律师,搜集最全方位的对自身有益的证据,因此,通常是富人最后取得胜利.

I don't think law is fair in most cases. It is even sometimes described as the game of the rich people. This is mainly because the final judgment of a case is largely determined by the process of trial, in which lawyer and judge play an indispensable role. The truth is that only the more wealthy side of the case can have the financial power to hire the most experienced and well- known lawyer and it is very likely that they also have a very good relationship with the judge. I’m not saying that the final judgment is wrong, but it is conceivable that the richer can have more advantages in the case.

政府部门在制订(introduce/ devise)法律时,全是以政府的/当权者/大部分人的权益(interest)为立足点.因此,难以避免在一些独特状况,会危害到一小部分人的建议.

When each law is introduced in the first place, they are devised to maximize the profit of the authorities and the majority of the citizens. So, in some situations, the profit of the minority may be damaged. Also, it is almost impossible to create a perfect law that can meet the requirement of each social class. At least, it has not been created until now.


The creation and implementation of a law has never been decided by only a few people, but it is done by a large number of experts and specialists in this field, with every respects taken into consideration. Besides, with the enforcement of the law, it is also being revised and more cases can be referred when the court judge the situation.


Even if it was not justice and perfect when first initiated, it can be gradually modified and generally speaking, it can be regarded as a fair system.

3. Do we have to be punished if we don’t follow the law?


If someone violate the law without being punished, the existence of law will be defeated. In the long run, people will lose their faith in the legal system and do whatever they like according to their own will.


It is also the best way to deter the potential criminals.

最好是的调整不正确的方式 .

To correct the mistakes and be prevented from re-commit the crime.


Solace the victims


It depends on many factors, including age and motivation.
For some teenager criminals, who do not have the ability to distinguish right from wrong and cannot be fully aware of their own behaviour, they should be punished in a more gentle way, such as being sent to some educational courses or forced to participate in community services, instead of being sent to jail.
Also, if those who commit crime on the condition of being violated or being threatened with death, they should not be punished or at least the penalty should be reduced.


Sometimes, we have to take into consideration the particular historical background and social impart of some cases, especially those relating to politics and wars. It is every sensitive and complicated to make a sound judgement of who should be punished and how they should be punished. So probably, in order to maintain the stability of the society and reduce the chain effect of some events, people involving in the case can be treated lightly.

4. What’s the difference between a police officer and a lawyer?


Both police officers and lawyers are very important parts of the legal system.


The police officers are in charge of arresting the suspect and keep the social order/ deal with emergencies and fight against social evils
They also have the responsibility of collecting the evidence in the case.
They are part of the civil service system, so they are directed work for the government, for the society and for the people. They must keep value neutrality, that is to say, they should keep as objective as they can.


Lawyers, broadly speaking, are a specific type of profession. They are only the representative of their client, so no matter whom they represent in court, they have to try their best to maximize the profits of their client and try to reduce the punishment of the defendant.
In this sense, they are less value neutral than the police officer, but they have more decisive role to play on the final judge of each case.

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√ 面试官关键的评定标准 : 顺畅度>逻辑性內容>视频语音语气>措辞

假如连面试官必须哪些你都不清楚,那就是大自然沒有方法去处理的,实际上 口语考试,就是说一个戏精的全过程 ,对于戏精如何培养,下边人们一步一步来;

6分戏精的第一步——顺畅度; 当你的口语并不是非常好,那麼考题的合适要有好的顺畅度,只有呵呵呵



“YepSam雅思口语”; 免费下载app 麦考瑞

Part 1:

你在一部分发学习培训,关键是应用 “YepSam雅思口语”, 这一小打卡有全部的雅思口语机经及其参考答案,打卡签到以后会常常碰到教师帮你批阅,另外有有关的英语单词,语句;

1. 把“YepSam雅思口语”最终答案多读几回 ;别着急自身先张口说,還是这句话,言语的惯性力是高分数杀手1,如果你重复犯错,不正确变为习惯性,难改!

2. 把每一打卡签到的 语句和英语单词多读几回 ,留意,是多读,并不是去拼读!!

3. 试着自身回应;Part 1的方法: 表态发言+衣食住行事例 ;在雅思口语的第一一部分,面试官仅仅跟你热身运动一下,千万别一直讲一直讲,实际上即便你一直讲,他也会切断你的啊哈哈哈,信我!因此你要记牢:

a. 好好说话,无需难词, 情境创设纯闲聊 !!还记得表态发言+事例;

b. 给他们一个面带微笑, 信心的完毕你的talk ;实际上每道题型三四句就行,如果你对这一话题讨论十分talkative有念头!

4. 开启麦考瑞训练“新题” ;麦考瑞的考试真题预测分析做得還是非常好的,可是沒有出示参考答案,在做好了上边的机经回忆题(必考题)的基本以后,自身卡時间对新题作出回应,假如你可以有6分,开启你的记时器,5秒内务必做出回应哦;

Part 2:

“雅思口语打卡签到” & “YepSam雅思口语” 全是非常好的微信小程序哦,“雅思口语打卡签到” 的part 2 素材图片比较丰富,而 “YepSam雅思口语” 更为趋向机经回忆化;

在口语的第二一部分,戏精要刚开始第二步的培养了, 6分戏精的第二步——逻辑性內容+视频语音语气;

实际上备考的方式 和上边part 1 是一样的,先多读一下教师得出的范例,特别注意的是,part 2 和part 1 较大的差别就是说:

1. part 2你可以 一直讲一直讲 ,不必担心面试官切断你,不论是考了6,還是等会儿共享怎样口语拿6.5,全是面试官最终切断我的;

2. part 2 试着积累多点素材, 内容一定要丰富多彩 ,这儿的丰富多彩指的是你要好好地讲多一点剧情内容,而并不是用不同的英文语句表述同一个翻译中文 ;

3. 视频语音语调 + eye contact;你要让考官感觉,你并不是在做作业,你并不是在碎碎念!!看见他!! 看见他!!而且要有一点目光暗示着 ,用你的双眼问一问他,就这样的,你搞清楚吗?!?实际上当你只想拿一个6分,略微有点儿视频语音语调就能够,比如有 反诘的语调,有注重,时快时慢 ;


√ 考官关键的评定标准: 每日任务 &逻辑性>连词&句型>语汇

实际上雅思考试的创作全称之为Academic writing,当你只必须6分妥妥,不论是大优秀作文還是小作文,应用到基础的Academic English定义中的 论证思路+事例 就就行了;

提议应用的原材料是 “顾家北教你如何雅思写作”+” Simon 的原材料;


1. 《跟雅思考官Simon学小作文》 ;里边的视頻+书籍PDF内容能够每一次的内容必须记录下来,便捷备考,终究我国的学员还是挺少触碰数据图表的创作;

2. 雅思考试剑桥大学官方网考试真题书 是非常好的作业指导书,那时候我仿写了许多雅思真题书籍后边的范例,终究范例是由考官写的,会风她们毫无疑问都较为喜爱;

3. 言语必须效仿是必定的,非常是语汇和句型,因而,在学习培训的全过程:

a. 有关的 常见语汇 ,如“升高”、“降低”、“稳定”、“起伏”等;也有 有关的连词 ;

b. 留意看一下 句型是如何使用 的,多种多样转换着表述;

c. 留意按段逻辑性 ,及其统计数据上的逻辑性表述;(加倍努力就行,当你只必须6分,呵呵呵)


Introduction paragraph: 改变题型;(专有名词形容词交换;形容词变定语从句;非谓语的应用)

Body paragraph s(多段) :各自详细介绍不一样的类型或是组成的发展趋势和统计数据;

Conclusion paragraph:写成比照段,关键写她们中间的相同之处和不同之处;


原材料应用的次序 Ideasfor雅思topics(simon ebook) → 顾家北→ Simon's examples

a. 最先, Simon的idea book 能够协助你对雅思考试的话题讨论有一点的念头,对雅思考试有一定的掌握; 以至于见到一条雅思考试的题型,你也是没什么idea的;

b. 顾家北教你如何雅思写作 的内容還是很合适我国学员去看看的,许多老同学聚会担心担心是Simon好還是顾家北好,实际上她们的素材图片使用说明本质是不一样的;顾家北的内容会告知我国学生怎样把想表述的论证思路展现出去, 教你一个小招数,比如:背景图+缘故+作法+依据; 因此,在看了Simon的idea,再学习培训一下顾家北的“扩展”, 就能够合理的把论证思路和兼容句阐述出去;

c. 最终,多看阅读 Simon's examples & 雅思真题书的范例;還是那句俗话,多看阅读多仿写雅思考官范例,沒有错的....


Introduction paragraph: 交待一下背景图,议案,言语简约强有力就行

Body paragraph s(多段) :





Conclusion paragraph:本人观点;本人作法;结论;

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本人视角而言,如果你有扎扎实实的英文造诣,不然推存报辅导班.报辅导班能够给你事半功倍,辅导教师指导了那麼多学员,毫无疑问比本人有工作经验的多.两者之间自身迷失方向瞎探求,比不上提早把握方式 自身训练.我还在考试的那时候,考试场总有考生不清楚带相片,及其不清楚考试不许带笔及雅思考试用签字笔的事宜.







Q4 有关机经的应用


Q5 本人雅思备考中的当心得



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