1. Some children may be allowed to have whatever they want, regardless of price, and to behave as they please.

雅思写作的那时候绝大多数同学们不容易去用please作为形容词,这儿的please坚信诸位也可以很轻轻松松的分辨出去,as they please就相当于as they want.

2. I think the solution to the problem lies with the families, who need to be more aware of the future consequences of spoiling their children. If they could raise them to be considerate of others, the whole community would benefit.

写雅思大作文上的那时候,人们通常提到“谁应当处理某难题”的语句,最普遍的写法有哪些是sb should be responsible for.....或是sb should take the initiative to do sth

这儿,评委告诉他人们sb未必非得作为主语,例如人们汉语翻译“以便生态环境保护,政府部门应当设置更严苛的法律法规”这话,能够 写出:

The solution to environmental pollution lies with governments that should implement stricter policies.

3. The government should fund this kind of parental support.

出示资产协助是雅思写作中很常见的表述,通常的表述是give sb financial support,这儿能够 立即运用fund1个词表达出示资产.

4. The reasons for this trend may involve the recognition that a young adult who passes directly from school to university is rather restricted in terms of general knowledge and experience of the world.

这儿是协助大伙儿去汉语翻译“初中毕业以后立即读大学”的叫法,将会大量的同学们就是说字面上译成students who go to universities directly after graduating from high school,pass directly from school to university更为正宗某些~

5. Just like movie stars, some sports stars live extravagant lifestyles with huge houses and cars.

这儿是略微差别一下下extravagant和luxury的差别,extravagant更并指的是沒有控制的那类,而luxury通常就是指something expensive that you enjoy but do not really need,这2个词中间還是有差别哈~

6. However, reaching the conclusion that change is inevitable is not the same as assuming that change is always for the better.


However, the fact that students could save more time with distance learning is not the same as assuming that it should be promoted to everyone.

7. But, as with all questions of nature versus nurture, they are not mutually exclusive.

mutually exclusive最开始是一不小心用于描述做brainstorming的那时候,见解中间是不能相互之间包含的,这一语句能够 用于替换成的就是说雅思写作多边探讨题型中的语句:

These two opinions may not contradict each other.

These two opinions may not be mutually exclusive.

8. A person needs to feel that they are doing valued and valuable work, so positive feedback from superiors is very important in this respect.

提到老总,大伙儿将会就只非常容易想起bosses和employers,superiors一样能够 作为bosses的替换成词~

9. Some jobs are repetitive and boring, and labour relations may be poor and lead to resentment and insecurity rather than to job satisfaction.


10. Long-distance train and coach services should be made attractive and affordable alternatives to driving your own car for long journeys.

coach services喻指客车服务项目,未必非得再用bus去描述公共汽车啦~

11. Children’s brains are still programmed to acquire their mother tongue, which facilities learning another language, and unlike adolescents, they are not inhibited by self-consciousness.

be programmed to do sth指的是sth被设成哪些的情况,这儿指的就是说小孩子也有接受語言信息内容的情况~

12. The greater flexibility of the primary timetable allows for more frequent, shorter sessions and for a play-centered approach, thus maintaining learners’ enthusiasm and progress.

the primary timetable喻指中小学的时刻表~

13. If there were easy-to-reach local sports centers, we would be more likely the make exercise a regular part of our lives, rather than just collapsing in front of a screen every evening.

粗体一部分最栩栩如生的汉语翻译就是说葛优瘫嘿嘿~或是归纳成a sedentary lifestyle.

14. However, interest in sport is not universal, and additional facilities might simply attract the already fit, not those who need them.

the already fit喻指健康状况早已很非常好的人,比如假如蜗牛有爱情里边的小狮子,并非嘘嘘~

15. The punishment should not be of a physical nature, as that merely sends the message that it is acceptable for larger people to hit smaller ones---an outcome which may well result in the children starting to bully others.

我觉得这整句我还想让大家背熟,它是有关校园暴力事件的1个很好的句子,非常是be of a physical nature和bully others这2个叫法.

16. All people are entitled to have access to the same products.

be entitled to类似有权利去做某件事,类似have the right of......

17. Modern toys are designed to be educational as well as fun, and concerned parents carefully select products which might speed their child’s acquisition of numbers or the alphabet.

18. On the social side, older children may become targets of envy from classmates, if they are perceived as having far more possessions than their peers.

peers喻指同龄,这一同龄能够 是年龄差不多,还可以是社会发展阶层差不多,因此能够 用于代指的通常是classmates或是是workmates那样的词~

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~~~ the + ~ est + 专有名词 + (that) + 主关键词 + have ever + seen ( known/heard/had/read, etc)

~~~ the most + 形容词 + 专有名词 + (that) + 主关键词 + have ever + seen ( known/heard/had/read, etc)

Lack of interpersonal skills is one of the most serious defects that we have ever known about today’s college students.



Nothing is + ~~~ er than to + V

Nothing is + more + 形容词 + than to + V

词组:For parents, nothing is more important than to educate children in a proper way.



~~~ cannot emphasize the importance of ~~~ too much.(再如何注重...的必要性也不算过.)

词组:We cannot emphasize the importance of protecting celebrities’ privacy too much.



There is no denying that + S + V ...(毫无疑问的...)

词组:There is no denying that the practicality of our higher education has gone from bad to worse.



It is universally acknowledged that + 语句~~ (全世界都知道...)

词组:It is universally acknowledged that it is the doctor’s duty and obligation to heal the wounded and rescue the dying.



There is no doubt that + 语句~~ (不容置疑的...)

词组:There is no doubt that the Internet is far more convenient and efficient than the written word or other conventional means of conveying meaning.



An advantage of ~~~ is that + 语句 (...的优势是...)

词组:An advantage of children’s participating in some paid work is that this practice can cultivate their independence, self-determination and sense of responsibility.

小孩报名参加有偿服务劳动者的1个优势是这类实践活动能够 塑造小孩子的自觉性、主体性和使命感.


The reason why + 语句 ~~~ is that + 语句 (...的缘故是...)

词组:The reason why a large number of customs have altered a great deal is that most of them are connected with some superstitious beliefs, and they cannot fit in this world with highly-developed technology.



So + 形容词 + be + 主关键词 + that + 语句 (这般...以至于...)

词组:So pervasive are advertisements that no one can avoid being influenced by them.



Adj + as + Subject(主关键词)+ be, S + V~~~ (尽管...)

词组:Lovely as pets are, it is by no means appropriate for city dwellers to keep them in their houses.

{by no means = in no way = on no account 一点儿都不}


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发表于 2019-09-09
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