lexical resources是怎样的?

lexical resources是怎样的?



“考生”们都了解,不论是大优秀作文還是小作文,常有1个评定标准,叫LR.LR就是说lexical resources的简称,字面上意指语汇資源,我觉得就是说人们常说的英语词汇量.

假如要LR拿高分数,“考生”们要show off(显摆)一下下自身的英语词汇量.雅思考试关键从2个层面调查语汇:1个是flexibility(灵便),另外是precision(精确).


或许,要保证“灵便”,人们有许多方法,在其中深圳市麦考瑞文化教育Tony教师常见的1个方式就是说同义词辨析,这儿给大伙儿详细介绍1个学习培训近义词的好东东:Thesaurus (同义/反义词典).


废话少说,let's cut to the chase. 查一查有哪些词能替换成teacher,最先下载Merriam-Webster Dictionary的app (Apple store有),转换到thesaurus作用,键入teacher,就能见到它的好多个Synonyms (近义词),还一些related words,或许并并不一定synonyms和related words都能立即替换成teacher,也要看实际的context,细心反复推敲,方可保证precise.但最少这一作用,可以大伙儿头脑里边这些dormant(深睡的)语汇唤起.

比如Tony was the teacher who helped me prepare for雅思and he was different from any teacher I know over the years.

短短的一段话teacher这一词出現了2次,能够 哪种词来替换成呢?

或许并不是thesaurus得出的每一词用可用,假如这儿用educator,语句sounds weird.筛了筛去,能够 纳入考虑到范畴的有那么好多个词:coach, trainer, tutor.

人们能够 说:Tony was an雅思coach (or trainer) who helped me prepare for the test and he was different from any teacher I know over the years.

比如,Education is important to one's job prospects. 中education,人们就能够 考虑到用training, schooling, knowledge和higher education来替换成,或许每一替换成词用会让语句的含意产生难免会转变.



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你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

发表于 2019-09-09


How the Cambridge trainer was made

Earlier this month, we held our first teacher trainer recruitment events in mainland China and Hong Kong. The selection process went well and we were able to invite the shortlisted candidates to participate in further workshops in Beijing and Shanghai. Our approach to training supports teachers to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. Becoming a Cambridge trainer also offers teachers fantastic professional development opportunities.

We have a rigorous teacher trainer recruitment process: In addition to meeting our high standards, Chinese teachers also have to work hard to overcome the language barrier if English is not their first language. We also expect all our teacher trainers to embrace innovative teaching styles and personal professional development. We hold high expectations of our new trainers in China and believe they will be great examples for aspiring teachers throughout East Asia.

What does it take to become a Cambridge trainer?

All candidates need to have experience in teaching Cambridge programmes and qualifications, and they should have a BA/BSc (Honours) degree in the subject which they are teaching. Candidates who would like to advance to leading the Extension Training and Enrichment Professional Development should be examiners in that particular subject area too. We also ask that all candidates in the Greater China region have proof of English language competency. For example, an雅思score at 7 or above, a CAE certificate, a TOEFL score of 110 or above or any equivalent test.

In addition to the above, we also expect candidates to be familiar with the Cambridge educational ethos, full of good teaching ideas to share with other teachers and committed to developing their teaching practice before they can be recognised as an accredited Cambridge trainer.

The learning process doesn’t stop there though! During their first few training events, newly accredited trainers will be assessed by and receive coaching from senior Cambridge trainers. Another round of evaluation then takes place before the new trainers can train teachers on their own.

Trainers are supposed to attend Cambridge Trainers’ Conference and conduct self-learning online on a regular basis. Lead trainers will evaluate trainers regularly and set up improvement plans for them.

As the saying goes, 'Rome wasn’t built in a day'. Becoming a teacher trainer takes hard work and we are grateful to all our trainers who share their knowledge and expertise with other teachers.

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发表于 2019-09-09
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