Some people think international cooperation has brought benefits to world environment protection, while some people think more benefits have been brought to international business. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.



Nowadays, countries like to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with each other for several reasons. Many people argue that environment issues such as global warming, preservation of natural habitat of rare species and detrimental effects of nuclear energy could only be solved with mutual efforts. Others claim that nations join hands in order to


lucrative business opportunities around the globe.


There is no denying that global warming is the biggest threat to the environment. That should be tackled on an emergency basis, one of the reason is that a large number of people are exploring and exploiting natural resources for the sake of their own benefits, which is damaging the environment on larger extent. Many countries have set up organisations that are researching on the causes and will proposed solutions to the problems. They are expecting to form some standards and legislation based on their research that would help on depletion of such issues.


On the other hand, many international food and hotel chains are expanding worldwide that are the source of employment for many people in developing countries. Another big advantage is to get potential labours in cheap rate, for example, the biggest giant of


technology ‘Apple’ has all its production in China because of low wages of workers and free if cost electricity provided by the Chinese government, thus tremendously helping both countries, as apple has low production cost and thus have huge profit margins, while people of china are getting jobs and their government are enjoying tax on the development and sales of each item of products,.


To sum up, I would like to say that international cooperation is essential for the mutual benefits of countries, thus has significant


effects on their


and also create a new horizon of opportunities for their people.



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Some people think international cooperation has brought benefits to world environment protection,while other people think more benefits have been brought to world business.Discuss both views and give your own opinion.










International cooperation is now everywhere:the clothes we wear,the food we eat,the car we drive-all may be the effects of international cooperation.Yet when it comes to issue of which of the two,the environmental protection or the world business,benefits more from international cooperation,opinions vary from one individual to another.

(1)第一段详细介绍背景图,随后明确提出话题讨论.是平淡无奇的作法.(2)when it comes to...当提到.......

(3)...opinions vary from one individual to another见解人见人殊

Needless to say,international cooperation has helped a great deal in environmental protection.When dealing with some environmental issues like global warming,we need the joint effort of all countries across the world.Even in face of local issues,the new technology from other countries can be very helpful.When developing the high-speed train in China,for example,a technology called"air cleaner"from Russia is used,which has helped to reduce significantly the air pollution along the railway.


(2)needless to say别说

(3)in face of...遭遇......

International cooperation has greatly expanded the world business as well.International cooperation can not only increase the productivity but also bring down the costs.It is because of international cooperation that American customers can enjoy the high-quality commodities from China at low prices and vice versa.Meanwhile,if countries work together,they can make their products and services more agreeable to the local people,which in turn will create more markets.For example,Microsoft products are all originally in English and were met with cold eyes 20 years ago when they entered China.It was only after Microsoft

cooperated with Chinese programmers and converted the language to Chinese that its products have been widely accepted in China.




(4)vice versa相反也是



It is hard,though,to determine which has benefited more from international cooperation.My immediate response would be that world business is the greater beneficiary.After all,I have seen with my own eyes how the expanded world business as a result of the international cooperation has changed my life.Of course,I am fully aware as well that our environment is becoming better and better thanks to the international cooperation.



(4)be aware of.../that...观念到......

(5)thanks to...因为


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内地无纸化考试题型:Environmental problems are too big for individual countries and individual people to address. We have reached the stage where the only way to protect the environment is at an international level. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is certainly true that in the battle against environmental problems, cooperation at the international level is highly desirable. But I cannot fully agree with the claim that international joint efforts are the only way to protect the environment. Individual countries and individual persons also have an important part to play in combating environmental issues.

Obviously, there are different kinds of environmental problems, ranging from deforestation(滥砍滥伐) in a small area to global warming. It is true that a growing number of problems are no longer confined to(局限性在) a certain region or country. Oil spills can pollute international waters; the loss of the ozone layer(大气层) may lead to the melting of ice caps and glaciers(冰盖和冰河), which in turn, may raise sea levels worldwide. Both cases, of course, go far beyond(远超) individual countries. It is in such cases that international cooperation is not only desirable, but also invaluable. International committee should be set up and international standards established, so that individual efforts can be coordinated and resources used to their fullest potential(充足地).

It does not necessarily mean(并不是必定代表) that individual countries and individual persons no longer have anything to do with environmental problems. Firstly, it is the individual countries that finally carry out measures agreed upon at an international level. Secondly, only when individual countries have succeeded in improving their own circumstances can an international solution be achieved. Finally, individual persons also play a crucial role in that if everyone does a small part, and then together we can achieve a lot. If we all start with small things such as recycling plastics and saving water and electricity, then the tasks that the country as a whole faces will be a lot easier.

Therefore, the best way, if there is one, is that we deal with environmental problems at both individual and international levels.


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