实际类物件如:Describe a book you read、a gift you received from others、a wild animal、a handicraft、an electrical appliance that is useful to you、an important letter that you received、a game you played in your childhood等;

抽象类物件如:Describe an interesting news、a useful website、 a performance you saw、a organization、your future job、your future plan、something that you don't know but would like to learn等.

我觉得简易的说实际类物件话题讨论就是说切切实实存有,可以看得清莫的见的相同物品.而抽象类物件则是这件抽象性的物品,将会沒有商品参考,而仅仅较为抽象性的叙述.因此两者相对而言,实际类物件话题讨论将能消叙述的多.雅思口语考试part2物件类话题讨论详细说明大伙儿能够 认真阅读一下下,这儿关于两大类话题讨论实际的关键点对比分析.


1)当你要叙述1个实际类事情时,要把它与角色类及其地址类联络起來,丰富多彩自身的內容.比如:叙述a gift时,最先要叙述那件礼品实际是啥,外型或者很吸引住人的地区;随后,再聊到底是谁给你的,爸爸妈妈?盆友?同学们還是朋友?还可以讲讲那件礼品是以哪些地方买的,假如是手工制做的那必须是很认真,小朋友们能够 细心叙述一下下.


详尽的答题构思剖析见雅思口语话题之物件类话题讨论剖析、雅思口语考试part2物块物件类话题讨论构思原先能够 那样用、雅思口语考试虚拟商品类话题讨论功略.


雅思考试考试场实际实例分析:仍然以gift为例:Describe a gift you sent to others


Arts and crafts艺术品;Charm平安符;Cross stitch 十字秀;Knitting 编织品;Shell craft 椰壳工艺品;Mug 水杯;Multi Purpose Tools 多功能刀具


Think out of the box有艺术创意的;User- friendly使用方便的;Durable经久耐用的;Decent非常好的;Portable有利于带上的……


1)The monetary value of the gift is not relevant, it‘s the meaning that is more important. 礼品的使用价值不取决于它的价钱而取决于它的真诚相待.

2) Charm bracelets(幸运手链) are supposed attract wealth, health, or good karma(好运气) to the person wearing it.


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雅思口语考试part2话题讨论卡:Describe an item you bought but do not often use 叙述这件你买来可是不常见的货品 /少使用物件/不常常应用的物件

构思点拨: 下列构思供参考,期待大伙儿依据自身的亲身经历撰写参考答案



Describe an item you bought but do not often use

You should say:

When you bought it

Where you bought it

Why you bought it

And explain why you didn’t often use it



An item that I bought but do not often use was a set of Beats headphones, which I got from an APPLE store in Beijing Sanlitun.

I remember it was on a weekend before I started my new semester that I bought this headphone. It was on sale for students at that time in the store. So, I bought it along with my new laptop, which was a 13-inch MacBook Pro 2018 model.

我还记得买耳机的那时候宣布大学新学期开学前七天.手机耳机那时候在iPhone店内应对大学生做优惠促销.因此我把它买了回家,一起还买来每台2018款13英尺的Macbook Pro笔记本.

When I got to the Apple store, the salesperson was so welcoming and was always ready to answer any questions I had in terms of the technology stuff. Well, I regarded myself as tech savvy, but honestly, this article is from Laokaoya website, I still got some problems in choosing different types. So, that guy literally solved all the problems I had met using these gadgets.


Well, honestly, the reason why I bout this set of headphones is that I loved its design, which was cool but low key, I mean the black model. I knew its sound quality wouldn’t be that much classic, but in terms of the discount, I thought it was worth it.


However, just several weeks after I bought it, I felt like I kind of overestimated its quality and the design. You know, the longer I put them on my head, the more pain I could get. It’s too tight, they should have made it bigger! That’s the reason why I didn’t use it often now.



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Describe a special toy you had in your childhood.

You should say:

what it was

who gave it to you

how often you played with it

and explain why it was special to you.

When I was five years old, I had an accident and was admitted in the hospital. I was required to stay in bed for at least two months. Days in the patient ward wasn’t as dull as I expected it to be. Actually the first week was quite fun. I could watch TV in bed and chat with my fellow “roommates” and my family visited me everyday.

But after a while, the hospital gradually started to lose its charm. I was getting bored when my Dad showed up. With a hat in his hand, he started to perform magic tricks. Out of thin air, he produced a flower and put it in the hat. Guess what happened next? He made a magic cube from the hat.

I was immediately in love with the magic cube. Time seemed to go much faster when my Dad taught me how to play it. Before I knew it, I was running around again. Till this day I play it on a daily basis. It always reminds me of my special bonding time with my Dad.


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