为大伙儿带来社会发展类雅思写作话题分折,原题是:The major cities in the world are growing fast, as well as their problems. What are the problems that young people living in cities are facing with? Give solutions to these problems.



Majority of the cities have been developing rapidly. This growing, leads to the problem that made the young people struggle. Nevertheless, there are some possible solutions that could be taken into account to address this issue.

High standard of living is a main problem of youngster living in the cities. All of the costs, such as foods and accommodations are higher than in the urban areas. This is due to the competition of business among city dwellers is firm. In addition, another major problem is the traffic jam. As the city is the most densely occupied area, many of them prefer using their own vehicle to using public transportation. Thus, it is undoubtedly that the bottleneck is the problem that make the youngster struggles.

Turning to the possible solutions, the young people ought to live economically and manage their money efficiently. For instance, they not buy unnecessary items, more often eat at home rather than at restaurant, and so forth. Therefore, they are able to save deposit for a rainy day. Another possible solution is, they are supposed to use public transportation in their daily pursuits. If the distance of destination place is nearby, walking is the best way to decrease the number of transportation in the street. Hence, the problems of traffic jam could be diminished.

In conclusion, living in the big cities leads to the troubles for the young people. However, the problems they facing are a challenge, in order to they become a good citizen who are able to adapt in every hard situation.


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