trip abroad 雅思口语是什么?

摘要: 本文为大家带来的是 9-12 个月雅思口语的 Part3 口语模式,即和 interesting trip 与之相关的八个问题,以及相应的范文。范文真实,用词准确。我相信为大家准备考试会有所帮助。我们来看看!

今天 麦考瑞 雅思频道为大家带来雅思口语 Part3 口语作文。

题目是关于 interesting trip, 看相关的 8 个问答:

1.Have you ever shared this traveling experience with your friends?

What do you need to prepare when you travel to a place far away?

3.What choices would young people make when it comes to travel?

What problems do you think will happen in a long journey?

How can people make the long journey comfortable?

Do most people like to travel with someone or travel alone?

Where do Chinese people like to travel to most?

Do you prefer to travel in your own country or travel abroad?

1.Yes, I like sharing my traveling experience with friends on websites. There 's a website named Nations Worldwide, which allow users become friends and create groups to share their traveling experience. Sometimes I create a personal travel map and share it on social media, such as on micro-blog. I also post photos and videos on the websites, and add friends, family members and fellow travelers to network with. I think sharing experiences is one of the most valuable things in life.

2.Well, if I 'm not familiar with this place, I' ll read up on where I 'm going on the map and make a list of the places that most interest me. Since it 's a long journey, I think safety is the first priority. I may contact a local travel agency and arrange accommodation in advance. I 'm always practical when I pack, so I just take money, medicines, comfy shoes and clothes that I can mix and match. In this way, I can travel lighter, if I need something else, I 'll buy it on the journey.

3.of them. I 'm independent-minded and I like doing ventures sometimes. I have travelled to South Korea, Bali on my own, and currently driving around Australia on my own.

4.Lots of problems could occur in one 's trip. One of the biggest problem is the cancellation of air service or delay which completely interrupt the trip. Also, personal problems like getting sick also need to be considered. Infection is very common due to blend food that is out of our eating habits. If people travel to some tropical countries, they may suffer from virus infections, and mosquitos also generate diseases.

5.My advice is to take less luggage. Well-prepared and travelling light will make the trip be a rewarding delight. So every time I take a long journey, I only take a change of clothes, a camera and enough money. In terms of accommodation condition, I don 't care too much about it, but there should be at least a comfortable, clean bed.

6.I think most people like to travel with a companion. People always have someone to talk to if they travel in a group. They can share food, clothing, accommodations, and they will also have someone to share their memories with. What 's more, people may forge a life-long friendship with their travel companions.

7.I think Chinese people want to go abroad for the same reasons anyone would: so see a new country and experience a different culture. They may also want to see what other people think about China. There aren 't many foreigners living within China so it can be fine to find one to talk to. The Olympic Games recently exposed many Chinese people to the international community; they may have a new taste for international travel as well. Another reason may be to improve their English or to study at a foreign university. There are thousands of Chinese students studying for a degree or enrolled at language schools all across Europe and North America.

8.I prefer travelling domestically. Because I think it 's usually more expensive to travel abroad than travel domestically. The plane tickets and accommodation can cost a lot of money. The second reason could be that I find it stressful to travel in a foreign country where I can neither understand the local language nor easily integrate with the locals. Considering these reasons, I choose to travel domestically since I can also enjoy a wonderful time and go to more places with less money.

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你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

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雅思口语 part2 主题卡: Describe an unusual experience of traveling 描述一次不寻常的旅行经历

思路: 以下思路仅供参考。希望大家根据自己的真实经历写出答案。

unusual 这里可以翻译成 “不寻常” 、 “不寻常” 或 “不寻常”。虽然这是必须的,但考生不必绞尽脑汁去思考,在有限的人生经历中,是否有如此不平凡的旅行经历。因为体验是不寻常的或主观的,你可以找到一个你认为非常有意义的旅游。重点是你的 traveling experience ( 旅行体验)。可以是国外旅游,也可以是国内旅游。这里没有地理限制。


Describe an unusual experience of traveling

You should say:

Where you went

When you went there

Who you were with

What you did there

And explain why it is unusual


下面是根据具体题目要求给 麦考瑞 的参考答案原文:

请不要复制北京 麦考瑞 、上海 麦考瑞 和 麦考瑞 的文章。

Well, I would like to talk about an unusual traveling experience in Thailand.


It was during the second summer of my college when I traveled to Thailand with my classmates for the first time. I went to quite a few tourist spots such as the Grand Palace in Bangkok and the beautiful beach in Phuket Island. But, the most impressive one to me, to some extent, was a history museum.


I can 't remember the exact location of this museum, but I am sure that it' s somewhere between Bangkok and Phuket because our tour bus had a stop there for this visit. The museum exhibited some real-life situations of those suffering residents in the Golden Triangle area, which was an area consisting of part of Laos, Thailand, and Burma, and was considered the most dangerous place in that region as there were lots of illegal trades of poppies for making the drug opium. This article is from Laokaoya website. The museum disclosed some of the hidden and forgotten period of history that was correlated to both China and Thailand. We learned a lot from the relics and even the residents from the tribes in that area.


Those people were in a very embarrassing situation as neither Thailand nor China has granted citizenship to them, and they are now still living under the poverty line. I donated some money to them, not so much though, hoping their lives could get better.


The reason why I think this experience of traveling is unusual is that it is quite educational. Although we are striving for our goals in lives and want more dreams to come true, we should feel thankful, as those poor people that we seem to ignore, because of different reasons, are far inferior in terms of living quality. You know, we should feel grateful and cherish what we 've already had.


Part 3 其他问题

What are some popular attractions that people like to visit?

Why do many people like to travel abroad?

What do people usually do during long holidays?

Do you think there will be more eco-tourism in the future?

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_ 1 _ Do you enjoy traveling? _ For sure!I love traveling but I don 't get many chances to do so.As a student, Idon 't

have much time during the school year, and I don 't have muchmoney to spend on holidays. However, last summer, I went to Beijing with mybest friend, and I must say it was really a cool trip.I visited all themajor tourist destinations, and got to see all the monuments that make Beijingso famous. It 's a stunning city!This year, I would like to head to Yunnan Province. Ihear it is a spectacular region.

_ 2 \。Haveyou ever been abroad? _

No, I haven 't. I have never had the chance to go. Myparents and I have only traveled in Fujian Province.My parents neverwent abroad either. You know, it costs a lot of money to go on holidaysoverseas. You 've got to fly and you need to get a visa. And more importantly,if you really want to enjoy your trip, you need time, but my parents never getmore than 5 or 6 days off in a row.

_ 3 \。If youcould go to any foreign country for a holiday, where would you go? _

I would love to go to America!it 's a huge countryand there is so much to see.Iwould like to visit New York City, you know, to see theStatue of Liberty, Times Square,Wall Street, and do some shopping on the 5 '"Avenue.Then I would liketo fly west to Yellowstone National Park. I learned about Yellowstone in themovie called 2012 that cameout a few months ago.There 's a giganticunderground volcano, and you can see some small eruptions. There are hundredsof small lakes, with a stunning mix of colors: blue, green, red.It would be neat to see all this.

_ 4 \。Whichother cities have you visited in your country? _

I have been to Hong Kong, and it was a fantastic trip.The city is so busyand crowded, but also so well-organized at the same time compared to myhometown. We call HK "shopping paradise" in the mainland, and I must admit thatI wasn "t disappointed with all

the massive modern malls everywhere. I also visitedShanghai.I found Shanghai veryinteresting, because it 's such a mix of old and new. Insome neighborhoods, people stilllive in old buildings, wash their clothes on thesidewalk, and hang everything on the street.People seem veryrelaxed. On the other hand, a few blocks away, you can see businessmenrushing to ameeting from one skyscraper to another. It 's a fascinating place!I also wentto Sanya,Hainan Province, in southern China. It was very relaxing, and the beach thereis picturesque.

_ 5 \。Whendid you last go on a trip? _

On Labor Day in May this year, I went to Huang Shan, youknow, the Yellow Mountain in Anhui Province. I spent 4 days there, and it was amemorable trip.First, the scenery was breathtaking all the way up. It takes a few hoursto walk to the top, but it is really worthit. And you know,it 's a famous place, many emperors have climbed the Yellow Mountain and Ilearned quite a bit about our culture and Chinese history. In addition, Ivisited some gorgeous little villages around the mountain. Each house is veryold, and I got to see traditional architecture. I went with my parents. We werelucky with the weather. We got some great pictures of the whole trip.

_ 6 \。Whodo/would you prefer to travel with? _

It would definitely be great to travel with friends. Itwould be a lot of fun.Traveling can bring people closer together, and I am surethat if I were traveling with my best friend we would learn a lot from eachother. We are actually planning a trip together for the October holiday. Weintend to go to Xi 'an.

_ 7 \。What doyou like to do on holiday? _

Well, I like to go back home and spend time with myrelatives during the holidays.My university is located pretty far away from myhometown, so I don 't get to see my parents at any other time. My mother usuallycooks a lot of great food for me. I usually go for a walk with my Dad. Thethree of us sometimes go shopping.I generally take advantage of the vacation to take iteasy and recharge my batteries.

_ 8 \。Do youthink it 's good for young people to travel? _

Yes, definitely! Traveling is a great opportunity foryoung people to see somethingnew and learn about different cultures.In addition, theycan meet new people, and open up their minds to the world. They need to realizethe differences between their daily lives andother people 's routines andcustoms. On top of this, if they get to travel by themselves, it 's a goodopportunity for them to make decisions on their own, and as a result becomemore independent and mature.

_ 9 \。What doyou think people can learn from traveling? _

There 's a lot to learn when traveling. First of all, ifwe go to some historical places like Beijing or Xi 'an, we can obviously learnabout the local history and culture. In addition,if we go to thecountryside or visit some of the stunning mountains in my country, we canrealize howbeautiful China really is, and we can also find out about local legends andfolklore.Finally, we can learn about ourselves too, because we can compare otherpeople 'sideas to ours, and plus we have to make decisions as wellto plan the trip. We definitely get to think a lot, and learn how to appreciatethings back home too when we get back.

_ 10 \。Do youever read books or magazines on traveling? _

Occasional.I sometimes read articles in the newspaper about some touristdestinations.Before traveling, I usually buy a guide book too. I often go on a websitecalledNational Geographic, and I really enjoy looking atpictures of landscapes on the Internet.Most of theirphotos are spectacular.

_ 11 \。Whywere the Beijing Olympic Games important for China? _

The Olympics were significant for many different reasons.First of all, thisinternational event attracted thousands of tourists from all over the world. Asa result,it really boosted the national economy. In addition, itwas a great chance for China to spread its culture, since everyone throughoutthe world got to learn about China. What 's more, the government invested a lotof money in new infrastructures and facilities.The country reallymodernized thanks to the Games. Finally, the Olympics brought our people closertogether. They created a feeling of patriotism as China competed against othercountries.

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